How to Build Your Perfect Camp Kitchen (infographic)

Two campers preparing breakfast food at a campsite over a fire

In camping, just as in life, food is one of the basic necessities – you know – food, shelter, clothing. But also in camping as in life, to what level we take the basic needs is pretty much up to us. Camp food and cooking can be as simple as roasting something over an open fire on a stick or as complex as planning and serving full outdoor meals to a large group of family, friends … or even customers at a resort.

Man staning at an outdoor grill at a campsite grilling meat and vegitablesAs you can imagine, the complexity of the perfect camp kitchen coincides with the kind of cooking you plan to do. However, you’ll never be disappointed by erring on the side of over-preparation with an ample supply of outdoor cooking tools and utensils and a well-planned and appointed working area.

Do You Dream of the "Perfect" Camp Kitchen?

The following is an illustrated infographic guide to selecting and setting up a camp kitchen to serve you well in nearly any situation.

Camp Stoves

Cooking over a campfire is the romantic idea of outdoor cooking - but it is not efficient, is seldom convenient, and in some cases against the law because of fire regulations. The solution is a camp stove.

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Campfire Grills

If you want the option of cooking over a campfire, a grill surface of some kind makes it far more convenient.

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Camp Cookware

There are a lot of directions you can take in the cookware for you camp kitchen. If portability is important, consider aluminum cook sets.

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Working Surfaces for a Camp Kitchen

No matter where or how you camp - even in a camper trailer - work surfaces are alt a premium. In tent camping, they almost don't exist at all - perhaps a beat up old picnic table at best.

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Refrigeration for Camp Food

Keeping food cool or cold while camping generally means on thing - cooler. Today, there are many options including traditional, roto-molded, soft-side, and even powered coolers.

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Water Filtration & Purification

Wherever and however you camp, an ample supply of clean drinking - and cooking - water is vitally important.

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Boiling Water at the Campsite

Getting a campfire going or even firing up the camp stove just to boil water can be a bit of a hassle. There are much better, more efficient ways to do it.

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Tip: For a larger view click on the "Build the Perfect Camp Kitchen PDF" illustrated infographic guide.

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