Camping Equipment


Lighting Guide for Camping

When it comes to lighting your campsite at night, there are plenty of options. Part pragmatic, part fun, camp lighting not only allows you to see at night but can add to the adventure and create…
Family making smores during a campout

Guide to Tents

The Bass Shops’ selection of tents is divided into three categories: family camping, hunt camp and adventure camp. The attributes, features, and pricing of the tents in each category largely reflect…
Women cooking next to her camp chair

Guide to Camping Chairs

The right seating can mean the difference between a comfortable camping experience and one that is not. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s offer a line up camping seating options that cover all the bases.…
Tent on the river

Tent Buyer's Guide

No matter if you're staying at your favorite campground or deep in the backcountry, your tent is your home away from home. And the right tent can make your stay more enjoyable. Whether this is your…

Sleeping Bag Buyer's Guide

Sleeping in the backcountry is supposed to be roughing it, but the difference between roughing it and being miserable and roughing it and loving it is as simple as a comfortable sleeping bag.…
Camping dad and son at a campsite

Camping Checklist & Tips for Easy Camping (audio)

Even if you’ve camped a hundred times before, it’s always a good idea to create a checklist for your next outing – especially if it’s the first of the camping season. Here’s a generic camping…

How to Clean a Water Bladder

Is there anything nastier than slurping down mold chunks and slime-water from the hydration bladder that has been sitting in the trunk for a couple of weeks? Probably, but we do not want to think…

Six Essentials For Your Spring Camping Adventure

Stop waiting for the perfect forecast to go camping. Get out there now with these six essentials for your springtime adventures. Sure summertime is the classic time to go camping, but don't forget…

Disc-O-Bed XL Cot Bunk Beds

I'd never been one for camping cots, mostly because I'd never tried one that was comfortable. I'm a side sleeper, and the few times I slept on one, my knees, shoulders and head were constantly…

Camp Stove Buyer's Guide

If your outdoor adventure doesn’t involve returning to a hotel or your own home each night, then that means you’re camping out. And unless you’re some masochist on a starvation plan, then it also…

Camp Sleeping Pad Buyer's Guide

No camper sets out expecting a plush experience. Well, none that have been camping before. Camping isn’t meant to be plush, and those who covet the outdoor experience don’t expect otherwise. Still,…

Camping Cot Buyer's Guide

In the camping world, the best option for upgrading a night’s sleep is to add a cot to your selection of sleeping gear. If you’re camping near your vehicle, a cot should be high on your priority list…