hunter stalking tom in field

Spring Turkey Hunting Preparation

*/ /*-->*/ Every year, spring turkey hunting gets more and more popular, capturing the interest of hunting and outdoor enthusiasts alike. That’s because turkey hunting provides an opportunity to…
turkey hunter getting ready to call

Fall Turkey Hunting: A Comprehensive Guide to Bag Turkeys

While many hunters are familiar with the thrill of calling in a big tom during spring, fall turkey hunting offers its own unique and challenging experience. Unlike the spring season, where mating is…
Wild Turkey

Bass Pro Shops Invests $500,000 in Critical Wild Turkey Research

Major Bass Pro Shops investment creates groundswell of support for critical wild turkey research and conservation. In June Bass Pro Shops and Big Cedar Lodge hosted the National Wild Turkey…
Hunter with turkey tracks tattoo sits with turkey

The Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s CLUB: Signature Turkey Hunting Adventures

Signature Outdoor Adventures from the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s CLUB link passionate sportsmen and women with experiences hosted by some of the best lodges, outfitters, and brands in the business.…
Decoys Attracting a Turkey

Guide to Turkey Decoys

Modern turkey decoys present a variety of benefits to the turkey hunter. Their lifelike appearance—aptly described as the “absolute pinnacle of realism”--  has evolved to the point that turkeys…
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Turkey Hunting Gear List for Beginners

Wild turkeys are one of the most accessible game animals in North America. Their continent-wide distribution and the excitement of their pursuit draws thousands of hunters to the turkey woods each…
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Guide to Turkey Guns

For many hunters, the shotgun is as much a part of the turkey hunting experience as the bird itself. For experienced hunters, dialing in the range of variables now available in turkey guns,…
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Beginner's Guide to Turkey Hunting

At its most essential, turkey hunting success comes down to understanding a handful of variables. Starting with the wild turkey and the places they live and considering the gear and techniques…
Turkey Decoys in the field

Turkey Decoy Tips for Success

These Turkey Decoy Tips Will Help Ensure A Successful Harvest Ask experienced hunters what they think of turkey decoys, and you're likely to get reactions ranging from full endorsement to complete…
Florida turkey hunter up next to a tree

Turkey Hunting: Tagging a Tom by Changing Decoy Strategies (video)

Reading turkey sign, making observations while you hunt, then applying that info in the next turkey hunt is an effective technique no matter where you chase turkeys! Watch this turkey hunt where…

Red-Dot Sights For Turkey Shotguns

The Best Turkey Accessory To Reduce Misses Magnum loads and custom chokes can increase felt recoil, making it difficult to stay on the gun.“Only four misses this morning,” was the text I received…
Turkey hunting walking in the woods with a tom over his shoulder

Hunting: 7 Areas That are Spring Turkey Turnoffs

Identifying Turkey Turnoffs - Where You're Least Likely to Find a Spring Gobbler You can improve your odds of bagging a long-bearded spring tom by concentrating on the best habitat areas. But…